Saturday, December 17, 2011

EPIC Swatchapalooza: 66 Color Lip Palette Part 4

Row Three

Better late than never i suppose. I liked the feeling of this row better than the last. The previous two rows felt extremely glossy while this row feels closer to how a standard lipstick feels.

Nail Art: Snakeskin/Ink Blot

Sorry i have been missing for so long. The bright side is that though while i have not been posting like i should, i have kept up with swatching and taking pictures. Now i just get to play catch up.

After seeing this tutorial from Brittney W on Beautylish i had to try this simple manicure for myself. While it didnt really turn out like Brittney's i still really liked it. Brittney referred to her design as snakeskin and i feel like mine came out looking more like an ink blot. In any case i do like how it turned out and how simple the manicure was. Be sure to check out her video and try it for yourself.

EPIC Swatchapalooza: 66 Color Lip Palette Part 5

Row 4

This row was similar to the last row in that it felt more like a lipstick than a gloss. I do like the colors in this row better. Well, apart from pumpkin orange shade towards the end of the row. While i was excited to give it a try since i had never worn anything close to that shade before it did not work for me at all.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nail Art: Newsprint Nails

I have been seeing this style not only all over the internet but also as my family members find it they show me. First was my sister then my dad. On a side note it was strange for my dad to show me some really cool nail art but i had to love the fact that he was taking an interest in the things that i love to do. Way to be a good parent. :) Anyway, back to the nails. Even though i loved the look i thought it would be way to time consuming. I figured it was cute but more trouble than i felt like dealing with. I was willing to let this trend pass me by all together and would have if not for my friend McKenna inviting me over for a nail night.

EPIC Swatchapalooza: 66 Color Lip Palette Part 3

Row Two
Cant help but think pink with this row, though i imagine i will be thinking that a lot as i do more swatches. While i do like some of the colors in this row i found that several of them are so sheer on the lip that they end up looking exactly the same.

EPIC Swatchapalooza: 66 Color Lip Palette Part 2

Row One

The thing that really makes this row unique is the glitter. Normally i'm a fan of the sparkle but not so much in this case. The glitter is way to gritty to be wearable. On the other hand, and you can call me crazy for this one, i do really like the white and the gold in this row. I doubt i'll be wearing them alone out in public but i do like having the nontraditional colors for my out of the norm looks.

EPIC Swatchapalooza: 66 Color Lip Palette Part 1

Here is the first part of my swatchapalooza for the 66 Color Lip Palette. For this part i'm just posting arm swatches though on the lip swatches are on their way. Being only about half way through the swatching process i can say that i am not loving this palette as much as i thought i would. It has been rather hit or miss (mostly miss). Like i said though i am only about halfway through so maybe my mind will change after testing the rest of the colors. In any case i'll post a proper review of this palette with the last round of swatches. For this part i'll post all the swatches and for the on the lip swatches i'm going to post a row at a time. I want to post them as soon as possible with out killing my lips. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

EPIC Swatchapalooza: 1st Edition 120 Color Eye Shadow Palette Part 2

Here is the second half of my swatchapalooza for the 1st Edition 120 Color Eye Shadow Palette. I'm going to start this off with the swatch pictures. I did this set of swatches the same way as i did in Part 1. Click the link if you missed out on the first half.

EPIC Swatchapalooza: 1st Edition 120 Color Eye Shadow Palette Part 1

I hadn't planned on swatching the entire palette in one sitting but once i got started it was kind of hard to stop. I might actually swatch the lip palette tonight too. No on the lip swatches for tonight though. That will have to be done in multiple sittings. Can you imagine how sore your lips would be after putting on and taking off 66 different lip colors? No thanks. Anyway, i'll be splitting up the swatches of this palette into two separate posts. This post will include the top layer of the palette starting with the top row and working down. For these swatches i wanted to show how the color was on its own as well as swatched over a base. The top row of colors in each picture is over no base and the bottom row is swatched over New York Color Cover Stick in Light.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ebay Steal

If you frequent online beauty shops as often as i do you have probably seen the 120 Color Eye Shadow Palette or the 66 Color Lip Palette once or twice. I know i have seen the exact same palettes being sold at websites such as Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, and even Crown Brush. What a lot of companies are doing is buying these palettes and slapping their logo on top and charging the consumer extra for it. I already owned 4 of the 88 Color Eye Shadow Palettes and wasn't planning on going back for more until i realized that i could find the same palettes on ebay. Normally i'm a little hesitant to make a purchase like that on ebay. I almost bought some fake Mac eye shadow palettes once and have kind of steered clear since. But while browsing through the Beautylish forums i found someone talking about a purchase they had made from ebay. They seemed to be happy with their purchase so i decided to give ebay another shot. Besides, for the prices the seller was charging i was ok with taking the risk. I'm glad i did too. Just looking at the palettes i was blown away.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Elemental Series: Water

  So bonus points for me for getting the second part of my Elemental Series up just one day after i started it. Right? Hopefully i can keep this pace up as i love love love that i am finally out of the little make up rut i was in. Before i get to the make up, i'm trying something different with the format of my How To's. I'm still trying to work out what format works best so please let me know what you think. Please, thanks and here is some make up. Enjoy :)
As you can probably tell from the title this is my look inspired by the element water. Originally my plan was to just through on some light and dark blues but that was a little to straight forward. Instead i decided to go with a gradient from light blue to a dark aqua color. Kind of like how a wave in the ocean looks. Anyways, onwards with the how to.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elemental Series: Fire

So while attempting to come up with a theme for a series of make up looks i settled on Sailor Moon. Remember? It was a cartoon that i practically grew up on. Anyway, after deciding on a theme i set to work on a Sailor Venus inspired look. She was always my favorite. Something went wrong though. The look was to hot and fiery.  Yeah, Venus's main color was orange and her main spiel was love. Love is passion, passion is fiery. I could  have made it work but why stretch the look when i can just change the theme? So that is how i came to the elements. Like i said this look is hot.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Deal of the Day: 10 Dollar Mall

So this deal doesn't have anything to do with make up but as it falls under the category of fashion i figured i would included it on my blog. Well, that and it is such an amazing deal that i just had to share it. is just what it sounds like. It is an online clothing store where everything is either $10 or less. And, believe it or not it is not a scam. On the website's forum, chat feature, facebook and even when googled people all over the internet were asking questions like "Is this a scam?" or "Is this site for real?" I'm glad to say it is. Despite great reviews online i made my first purchase small just to be on the safe side.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Look of the Day: Every Day

Today's Look of the Day is just that. I colored my hair last night and while taking pictures so i could do a blog post on that i figured why not make this a two-fer and do a Look of the Day while i'm at it. This look is incredibly simply and totally wearable. The only thing that could be toned down is the lips. It looks rather muted in the picture but i actually went with a super bright blue based pink lipstick. For more pictures of this look or more details on my hair please check out my New Hair: Impressions of Red post. Now here is a list of all the products i used to create this look.

New Hair: Impressions of Red

So last night partially out of boredom and partially out of the desire to do something different. It has been a minute since i last colored my let. let alone colored it something out of the norm. I colored my own hair using Splat in Luscious Raspberries and L'Oreal Paris Feria in Black Natural (20). I feel like i need a new lighting set up cause all the colors seem to get toned down. The red in my hair is much brighter as is the pink lipstick i am wearing in the pictures. Speaking of the make up for a list of all the products used please check out my Look of the Day: Every Day post.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Look of the Day: Poison Ivy

Today i had every intention of keeping my make up simple. I had to work today so i was thinking a little pop of color on the lid with a neutral in the crease and we'll call it done. As you can see that is not what happened. Somewhere in the process i stopped paying attention to what i was doing and let my creative side take over. It wasnt the neutral look i was planning on but i'm happy with how it turned out. With all the green it made me think of Poison Ivy from Batman but thanks to the purple eye liner i used more people have guessed the Hulk. Either way i wont complain.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nail Art: Abstract Art

This is one of my favorite nail art sets i have done. Now you can try it too. I wont be listing the products i used. In part that is because I dont want to make anyone feel like they cant achieve this look without using the exact same polishes...Also, i painted this set a long time ago and cant quite remember the polishes i used. XD

Nail Art: Purple Leopard Print

This nail set features a really simple leopard print on every other nail. I had originally planned on doing the pattern on each nail but i really like how it looked with only every other nail having the pattern.

Nail Art: Ruby Slippers

This look was originally done with my mom in mind. She is a fan of the Wizard of Oz so when i see red nail polish and glitter laying around this look was inevitable. The best part about it is how easy it is to do. All you need is a base coat, top coat, red nail polish, clear nail polish and glitter. It is even easier to do if you already own a glitter polish though i think i like the look of actual glitter better.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stila from Haute Look

So a few weeks back i posted about Stila going on sale on Haute Look. I was really excited about most of the products available but i decided to keep my purchase small as i have been spending so much money on make up recently. For $26, not including shipping, i got the Sheer Tinted Moisturizer in Light, One Step Foundation in Fair, an Eye Shadow Pan in Mimosa, and a Single Eye Shadow Compact to put it in. Overall i am really happy with my purchase. It really was a steal.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tip of the Day

Up until recently i failed at winging out my eyeliner. That was before i discovered these easy tricks.

Using a white eyeliner or eye shadow draw a line extending from the lower lash line following the angle of your eye. If you dont feel comfortable drawing the line free hand you can use a folded tissue as a guide. Start applying your eyeliner to the lid first making your line thinner towards the inner corner of the eye and thicker towards the outer corner once you are happy with how the liner looks on the lid move on to the wing. Following your guide draw a line out from the eye. Connect the line on your lid to the line you drew and make it taper out towards the end.

Hope that was helpful :)

Deal of The Day

Laura Geller has made her Haute Look debut! Here is what Haute Look Had to say:
"When it comes to today's beauty, Laura Geller has an uncanny knack for knowing what works and what wows. She's masterminded an ingenious collection of multi-tasking color cosmetics that feature the most innovative new products, the most informative, no-nonsense how-to's and the most inviting, wonderfully wearable colors that give every woman a fresh and fabulous look.
 Unlike other beauty companies, Geller doesn't subscribe to trends. Some of her most renowned and successful products include such favorites as "Spackle", "Caulk" and the uniquely produced "Baked Color Cosmetics Collection."
I'm a fan of this brand having been able to try a few of the products thanks to Birch Box. I don't think i'll be making any purchases myself. Though i bet i'll kicking myself in the behind when i run out of Spackle and have to pay full price for it. I would recommend that if you pick up anything you get the Blush 'n' Brighten or the Spackle Tint & Glow. The Blush 'n' Brighten is a lovely rosy blush. Apply it with a light hand as it is easy to apply to much. It is also shimmery so don't waste your money if you prefer matte blushes. Don't be afraid of Spackle Tint in bronze. When i saw it in my Birch Bow i was a little angry. I thought "why on earth would Birch Box send me this? It is no where near my skin tone." I'm glad i tried it instead of just throwing it out because i love it. It is super sheer. Instead of making my face the wrong color it just gives my face a very natural looking glow.

The sale will last until Friday 8 am pacific time. Hope you find something you like. :) Happy shopping.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My friend Sarah asked my to do her make up for Halloween. She wanted to do the Psycho Doll look by Letzmakeup. After a trial run and some crazy eyebrows that in hindsight i should have taken a picture of here is the final look we came up with.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rainbow Eyes

So I know i'm not the first and i know i wont be the last but this is probably one of my favorite make up looks to do. It seemed only right that it should be the first look i post. I love to wear it out or to work just to see people's reactions. They either think i'm crazy or crazy cool and i can deal with being a little bit of both. Also it matches my earrings, silly i know but i like to take joy from the little things. Along with taking about a million pictures of this look i recorded a tutorial. No promises on when that will be up but i'll get it just as soon as i can edit it. Here's some of the pictures i took and i'll put a list of everything used at the end. Enjoy :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Swatchapalooza: NYX Make Up Artist Kit

About time right? Just a little disclaimer, since my palette was slightly damaged during shipping i'm going to be using pictures of the palette from the website. All the swatch pictures are mine though. Enjoy :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner in Copper

This is one of the products from my  haul that i wasnt to excited about. I had nothing against the product itself. I'm just not really all that big on cream or gel liners but being on sale i figured i would give it a shot. The name is dead on when it comes to the color. When i did the swatch my first thought was about pennies. The eyeliner comes with a short angle brush. The brush itself is surprisingly soft but it seems to be cheaply made so i'll probably just use my own brush. I never liked working with brushes/applicators that short anyway.

ELF Nail Polish Trios

French Manicure Pink ($3)
This set comes with clear, pink and white nail polish as well as stickers to use as a stencil for a french tip.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

E.L.F. Cosmetics

So just a little post for today work and life has left me super sleep deprived. I realized yesterday that while i posted what i had purchased and the amazing deal i got i didnt really give any info on the brand for those of you who have never heard of it before.

Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics, or ELF for short is an amazing brand. Here, i'll let them do the talking for a moment.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

E.L.F. Haul

Just got my order from Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Cosmetics. They were having a X Marks the Spot Sale with some pretty crazy deals. I may have gone a little over board but i only paid $22.70 for an order worth $46.25. And on top of that deal i also found a coupon code for free shipping.
Here's what i got: I'll include what the normal price is as for some odd reason i never got any emails about my order or an invoice with my package. I almost thought that i actually decided not to make the purchase. I would have had it not been for the charge on my account. Anyway, back to the make up.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Deal of the Day

Stila on Haute Look
Like i said before i'm quite addicted to this website. Honestly though who wouldn't be with deals like this?

When: 10/17/2011 to 10/19/2011 8 am
What: This time on Haute Look Stila is covering all the bases; eyes, lips and face. There is a ton of eye shadow pans on sale. If you plan on getting any of them i'd recommend you get one of the empty palettes unless you have other ways of storing the eye shadow. They also have a small selection of eye liners to pic from including a few of their smudge sticks. Its not part of the sale but just to give you an idea of how amazing the smudge sticks are, i swatched Stingray on the back of my hand and once it had set it was set. Took forever to get it off my hand. Unfortunately i cant say how well they actually hold up on the water line as i dont actually own any. The sale also features some of the very popular lip glazes and some mascaras. The real deal that caught my eye was the One-Step Make Up Foundation. It is on sale for $9. This stuff normally sells for $44 so that is one hell of a deal.

I'm going to get the foundation for sure. I'll probably snag a few of the eye shadows and liners as well.

Happy Shopping :)

Swatchapalooza: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

 In each of these swatches i did one swipe of color then another. I blended the second swipe out using my finger.

Black Bean 601-Black

NYX Haul

Here is another one of my Haute Look purchases. Have i mentioned how addicted to this site i am? It is kinda bad but more often than not the deals on the make up are amazing. For someone trying to expand their collection without braking the bank it is nice to have around. They also do sales besides beauty products such as men's apparel, women's apparel, children's apparel, home decor, and they even have deals on vacations on their website. You should check it out, i'll even give you a link to make it easier. :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Swatchapalooza: Urban Decay Cream Eye Shadows

Here are the swatches for the Urban Decay cream eye shadows. In each swatch i did a single swipe of color then another swipe which i blended out with my finger.  Enjoy :)

 Asphalt- Black with multi-colored glitter. I'm not a big fan as the color is rather patchy.

Urban Decay Haul

Awhile back Urban Decay went on sale on Haute Look it was mostly cream eye shadows but i managed to snag a few other items. In all i got 9 cream eye shadows for $3 each, liquid liner for $7, and a tinted moisturizer for $6. I made my purchase through Haute Look but the sale is still going on at Urban Decay's website.

Nails of the Day: Paint Splatter

Finally got to hang out with my friend Jackie and her manicure was way overdue. This paint splatter manicure was inspired by some duct tape she had found at the store. How cool is that? Is there any color or design you cant find in duct tape?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Deal of the Day

The Place:  Eyeko London
The Deal: Use the Code E17935 on purchases over $20 and you'll receive a free gift. This deal can not be combined with any other discounts or promotion codes.

It has actually been awhile since i checked out Eyeko's website and i was really sorry to see all of my favorites gone. Now they have a more professional look to the brand featuring what seems to be little more than mascara and eyeliner with more to come in the future. While i cant say i've tried the newer products personally i'm sure they are worth checking out as Eyeko has yet to disappoint. As for the older products while they can no longer be found on the site Eyeko has a Vintage Surprise Gift Set for $16. This set contains 3 vintage Eyeko items: a bottle of nail polish, a fat lip balm and one more surprise. For me that would be a must have for sure though i'd still like to check out the new stuff.

Have Fun Shopping :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coming Soon...

So my birthday was a lot of fun. If anyone asks i'm still 21. :) Unfortunately i haven't had a day off since then to get anything put together for my blog. That doesn't mean i haven't been brain storming though. In the works for you is the completion of my Walmart Mini Haul reviews, Urban Decay Cream Shadow Swatchapalooza and review, Arts & Crafts/Birthday Mini Haul reviews, and finally a review of the NYX Makeup Artist Kit.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nails of the Day: Jigglypuff Nails

This is actually a nail look i did about a million years ago when i first began dabbling in nail art. I'm still proud of it though as it was the first look of mine that someone thought was worth emulating. If you cant tell by my blog name i'm a bit of a geek. This look was inspired by my desire to combine my love of all things nerdy and my funky sense of fashion. From that came the idea of Jigglypuff nails. I painted an image of the pink Pokemon herself onto my thumb nails and for the rest of my fingers i used her color scheme and appearance as inspiration.

Tip of the Day

    Eye shadow primer is a must to make your shadow stay all day without creasing or smudging. Also, a good primer will also make your colors more vibrant. My favorite primer so far is L'Oreal De-crease which can be purchased at just about any drug store for around $8.00.
     If you don't have an eye shadow primer and don't feel like purchasing one you can use a small amount of foundation in its place. Just be sure to set it with a translucent powder before applying your eyeshadow. I used to use a little bit of NYC Cover Stick Concealer in Light. To set it i would just use whatever face powder i was using at the time.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous in Nautical

I've sort of grown out of my obsession with felt tipped eyeliners. I think E.L.F. Cosmetics kinda ruined them for me when i purchased three felt tipped liners from them in black, blue and purple. All the colors looked almost exactly alike and mine dried out super fast. i'm hoping i got a bad batch but i'm still not willing to try again. Well despite the color and drying out i did like how they applied so easily so when i found the Hard Candy liner i decided to give it a shot. At only $5.00 it wouldn't kill me even if it was a bust.

Hard Candy Welcome Matte

First of all i have to say i love the name of this product. I love when companies use a play on words in the name of their products.

Walmart Mini Haul

So the other day was a pretty good day for me. My boyfriend had given me $50 for an early birthday present and i thought what better way to use it than on make up. Normally i’m more of an online shopper what with your shopping cart open in one tab and swatches and reviews in another, its hard to beat in my opinion. Also with another shipment of makeup (Urban Decay haul coming soon) in snail mail limbo i decided to hit up the store instead.
Tax and all i spent about $35 on makeup. Not bad for all i got especially seeing as i either love the products to death or can see myself using them on a daily basis.