Tuesday, December 6, 2011

EPIC Swatchapalooza: 66 Color Lip Palette Part 1

Here is the first part of my swatchapalooza for the 66 Color Lip Palette. For this part i'm just posting arm swatches though on the lip swatches are on their way. Being only about half way through the swatching process i can say that i am not loving this palette as much as i thought i would. It has been rather hit or miss (mostly miss). Like i said though i am only about halfway through so maybe my mind will change after testing the rest of the colors. In any case i'll post a proper review of this palette with the last round of swatches. For this part i'll post all the swatches and for the on the lip swatches i'm going to post a row at a time. I want to post them as soon as possible with out killing my lips. Enjoy.
Row One
Row Two

Row Three
Row Four
Row Five
Row Six
Oh, and just to make life a little easier i'll link each picture to the post containing its on the lip swatches.

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