Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dust It Off: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Welcome to my new series Dust It Off. I realized when I took a break from blogging that I have way too much makeup for just everyday use. So now I'm getting back into the swing of things with this new series. Each week I will feature a different product, sometimes old sometimes new. I'll do a short review on the product as well as a look using it.

I'm going to kick things off this week with the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten and Rendezvous. Smitten it is a lovely pink shade and Rendezvous is a bright orange that is still quite wearable.
Top: Rendezvous, Bottom: Smitten

Though the packaging and the product itself remind me of Tarte's Lipsurgence i am by far more impressed with this one's performance.

This product leaves my lips feeling moisturized without over saturating them or drying them out. Also unlike other lip stains or long wear lip colors this product does not stay put immediately after application. I dont mean to imply that it bleeds or moves around just that if you apply then eat, drink, kiss your boyfriend, etc... right after you will notice a transfer of color. However, even if you do all these things once the balm does fade away it will leave your lips stained a slightly faded version of the original color. The stain will be all over your lips rather than in patchy sections or all along the outside edge.

This is a product I would definitely recommend. It comes in 12 different shades ranging from neutral wearable colors to bolder colors that are still on the wearable side if that makes any sense. These range from $7-$9 depending on the store you go to.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

8 Bit Cosmetics

I've finally launched my own cosmetics line. Right now i have 14 different eye shadows for sale on etsy in full and sample sizes with another 7 on the way. This is something i have been working one for the past few months and i couldn't be more excited to finally get it out there. As much as i hate to toot my own horn i cant tell you how amazing it feels to rock the eye shadows i created. Nothing beats getting a compliment and being able to respond with "oh these eye shadows? I made them." All of my shadows are incredibly pigmented and apply super easily.
 I've kept it simple with the first three collections. They are all based off the colors of the rainbow.
The Core
The colors in this collection are meant to be true to the rainbow. Like i said before these babies are pigmented but they blend so easily you can mix and match colors for really fun looks. The entire collection is on sale here for a discounted price. I'll put links to the full and sample sizes after the color descriptions.
  • Rage- true matte red, not vegan (bottom right) full sample
  • Avarice- shimmery orange (middle right) full sample
  • Fear- bright shimmery yellow (top right) full sample
  • Will- soft green (center) full sample
  • Hope- sky blue (bottom left) full sample
  • Indigo- blurple...sorry that is the best way i can think to describe this color (middle left) full sample
  • Violet- bright violet with a bit of a yellow undertone (top left) full sample
 The Core Swatches
Top Row left to right: Will, Hope, Indigo, Violet
Bottom Row left to right: Rage, Avarice, Fear
  This was meant to be over UDPP but mine went missing on swatch day (i was so sad). So instead i swatched this batch over Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer after setting it with Hard Candy Welcome Matte.
 This set is swatched over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. This is how i prefer to wear my shadows.
 This set is swatched over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean.

Darkest Night
While this collection is also inspired by the colors of the rainbow the colors in the collection are meant to be darker than the bright colors from The Core. Like the colors from The Core these colors are highly pigmented but easy to wear. The whole collection can be found here.
Darkest Night Swatches
Top Row left to right: Will, Hope, Compassion, Love
Bottom Row left to right: Rage, Avarice, Fear
 Swatched over Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer and Hard Candy Welcome Matte.
 Swatched over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.
Swatched over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean.

Brightest Day
Sorry there isn't a super awesome picture of this collection yet. At first glance there is nothing special about any of the shadows in this collection...Seriously at first glance it is just a bunch of white eye shadows. And while, yes that is technically what this collection is it is also so much more. This collection is also based off the rainbow in that each eye shadow while being white has a shimmer to it that corresponds to the different colors. My favorite part about these shadows is that not only do they make the perfect highlight but also they look completely different when applied over a dark base.
  • Rage- white with red shimmer
  • Avarice- white with orange shimmer
  • Fear- white with gold shimmer
  • Will- white with green shimmer (i'm starting to feel a little redundant)
  • Hope- white with blue shimmer
  • Compassion- white with turquoise shimmer 
  • Love- white with violet shimmer
Brightest Day Swatches
 Swatched over Rimmel London Match Perfection and Hardy Candy Welcome Matte.
Swatched over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean.
As you probably noticed by the lack of links this collection is not up for sale yet though i plan on fixing that in the near future. If you want you can follow my facebook page for updates on when that will be out.

On the Eye Looks

This look is made up entirely of my eye shadows. 
Lid: TC Fear, TC Will, TC Hope
Crease & Lower Lash Line: TC Violet
Inner Corner and Brow Bone Highlight: BD Fear

Inner Half of Lid: TC Hope 
Outer Half of Lid & Crease: DN Love
Lower Lash Line: DN Will

Well that is all for the epically long post about 8 Bit Cosmetics. Make sure to check out my etsy or facebook page for more on 8 bit Cosmetics.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Urban Decay Freinds and Family Sale

So for those of you thinking "hey it is Wednesday. Where is the Wore It Wednesday post?" i have something even better for you...a distraction!!! >.< At least it is a good one. Urban Decay is having their Friends and Family Sale. As of yesterday using the code FFSPRING12 you can get 20% off your entire purchase. This sale is going to last until the 10th. The only thing that is excluded is the Naked 2 Palette. Bummer, i know, but honestly i think that the original is just as good as the sequel. Anyways, here are a few things i'm thinking about getting. I doubt i'll get everything on my list but since my tax returns just came in i think i'll let myself dream for a moment.

Urban Lash Kit
  • This is such an awesome deal cause it is already on clearance. It includes lashes, 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Zero, Urban Lash False Lash Mascara and a lash glue. 
24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Woodstock and Eldorado
  • I am loving liquid liners right now but it seems all i have are black or purple. These liners would be a perfect start to branching out my collection.
De-Slick in a Tube
  • I feel like my attraction to this product is a little obvious. I'm always on the look out for products that will keep my skin in check. 
Stardust Eye Shadows
  • These babies are beautiful and jam packed with the sparkly bits. Most aren't opaque but these are more about the glitter than the color....and i love the glitter.
24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils
  • These pencils are amazing. Great pigmentation and they blend like a dream until they set. Once they set they are set. There is no budging them. 
I'm stopping my list here. I feel like the more i browse the site the more things i see that i "must" have. Haha, there are so many amazing products how about i just link you to Urban Decay. I'll update when i know what i am getting. Feel free to share what you plan on getting or suggestions for the rest of us.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Bee Colorful Entry

MakeUpBee is hosting another competition and this time around the prizes are a few items from Sugar Pill that i have had my eye on for the longest time. I figured for this competition i needed to go all out so that is exactly what i did. I had so much fun creating this look. Though i highly doubt i will rock glitter lips on a day to day basis i am loving my multicolored brows.

If you would like to vote for my look here is the link to my page.

Manicure Monday: Bee Colorful Nails

So when trying to come up with a nail look for today i decided to do something to go along with my next entry into the MakeUpBee's Bee Colorful competition. This look while being super cute and colorful is a bit on the messy side. If you have a glitter polish that works i would use that. I didn't have one in the color i wanted so i used loose glitter instead. Also, to create an even bigger contrast between the accent nail and the rest of my nails i decided to go with a matte pink polish.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shout Out Sunday: Xsparkage Inspired Look

For those of you who have been following me for awhile you may remember a look i posted last Halloween featuring my friend Sarah. Here is a link to that if you need a refresher. Anyways, yesterday was her birthday party and i wanted to do something really fun with my make up for the party. I had just watched Xsparkage's District 6 Tutorial and decided to use her look as inspiration. My look isn't nearly as bright but i'm still happy with it.

Sorry about the picture quality. I was in a bit of a hurry when i was taking these.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Swatchapalooza Saturday: Maybelline Color Tattoo

It has been awhile since i have been this excited over a drugstore product. This cream eye shadow is meant to be worn on its own with no primer for up to 24 hours. Despite the claim to being crease proof they aren't on me but given the long wear and color payoff i'm ok with having to apply a primer underneath. I haven't tested to see if these shadows really do last 24 hours but they have lasted up to 16 before it was time to wash off my make up. Over all i am a huge fan of these. Even the misses are still hits. Depending on where you get them they are $6 to $8 for 4grams of product. Now go enjoy some swatches.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Funky Friday: The Blues

So i'm back on track with this week's Funky Friday.Well kind of. I wanted to use this look for Hawkeye but the blue was way to light. Oh well, i still love the look and it was a great excuse to try out my new Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Urban Decay Mini Haul

A long, long time a galaxy far, far away. Just kidding. I couldn't resist. Anyway back in late January/ early February Urban Decay had a sale on Haute Look. There were several items that caught my eye but being on a budget here are the three that made the final cut.

Ink for Eyes Cream Eye Liner in Zero
Price: $7.00
Size: 2.5g/ 0.09oz
 So bad news first, i am not a fan of this product. It is way to creamy to be a good eye liner. Though the color payoff is ok this product is quite difficult to apply. It seems to me that achieving the clean crisp lines liquid liner can give me is just impossible. After finding that was a bust i tried smudging the liner. That looked fine but it wasn't long before the liner had migrated. Not being a fan of giving up all together i am going to try using this as a base for a smokey eye. I think it will work right off the bat but i'll have to keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't crease like i imagine it will.
 The only real bright side is the packaging. The beautiful dark silver case is perfect for those on the go. The underside of the lid is a mirror. It is oddly shaped but does the trick in a pinch. The product takes up half the container, leaving some storage space for a dual ended brush. The brush has an angled tip for application and a sponge tip for smudging. 
Starlight Glitter Body Art
Price: $12.00
Size: 3.2g/ .11oz (glitter), 5ml/0.17fl oz (adhesive)
I love this kit. My only complaint so far is that the glitter adhesive stinks to high heaven. It has this very odd metallic scent. The scent does go away as the adhesive dries though so if you can get past the smell for a few minutes you'll be fine. For me, the adhesive works so well that i am willing to put up with the smell. I did my swatches 20 hours ago and the glitter still hasn't budged. I have seen around the web that these glitter tattoos can last from a few days up to a week. The directions say the glitter can be washed off with warm water and soap. I'll let you know how easy it is to remove after i see just how long it can actually hold up.
 Though it  only comes with five glitters i am happy with the color selection. The set also comes with a variety of stencils. I have yet to use them myself though i have heard that they work well. This kit is definitely worth getting if you like glitter. Use a little to spice up your make up or go all out for a costume party. It is currently on sale so the $12.00 price tag is a steal

24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash

Price: $12.00
Size: 2.5g/ 0.088oz
These pencils are amazing. The color payoff is so intense. What you see is what you get with the exception of Clash and Delinquent. Clash appears to be a bright blue but when swatched i noticed it actually had silver glitter in it. Delinquent was quite similar in that i thought it was just a deep purple but it turned out to be deep purple with a bright purple/pink glitter. The colors go on incredibly smooth and blend very easily so long as you work quickly. It doesn't take long at all for these to set and once they do they aren't going anywhere.
Delinquent, Rehab, Juju, Sin, Clash
Delinquent, Rehab, Juju, Sin, Clash

Sunday, February 26, 2012

For Sale on Etsy

If you follow my blog you know that recently i figured out how to water marble my nails. Based on my previous experiences i found that this technique is often difficult and incredibly messy. I failed in the past and almost gave up completely. I cant begin to tell you how many people have done the same. I'm all about the good old try try again but for those of you looking to sport this look that have tried one to many times or just don't have the time i decided to start selling water marbled nail sets on Etsy.

So far i have seven sets for sale pictured below. I plan on adding three more as well as an option where you can choose what colors you would like. I've added the links to the respective Etsy listings where you can find more pictures and descriptions of each of the nail sets.


Yesterday's look of the Day

I have to admit while on break i haven't done much in the make up department. Yesterday i decided to break out the glitter but ended up with this look instead. I loved it so much i had to share. I used one of the Maybelline Color Tattoos as a base for my eye shadow. I love those. If you haven't tried them yet i suggest you do. I'll have a review and swatches up of those in the next week or so. As for now enjoy this look.

  • Hard Candy Welcome Matte
  • NYX Make Up Artist Kit (blush and contour)
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce and Tangy
  • Stila Mimosa
  • 1st Edition 120 Eye Shadow Palette (hot pink and dark purple)
  • Physicians Formula Eye Liner (black and purple)
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette (Virgin)
  • The Falsies by Maybelline

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ulta Haul

For those of you who follow my blog you have probably notice that i have missed a few posts. Unfortunately with the way work has been going life has been a bit on the hectic side...and that is putting it lightly. I'm thinking of taking the next two weeks off as far as my blog goes. I'd like to try and post random blogs over the next two weeks but i wont start blogging consistently again until the beginning of March. When i come back i will continue my current series as well as post a video on my whole make up collection as well as some storage ideas. Until then i'll leave you with my long overdue Ulta Haul. Enjoy :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Look of the Day: Flirty Valentine Part 1

MakeupBee has a valentine themed contest that just started yesterday. To determine a winner the members of the MakeupBee community will cast their vote to choose the top ten. From the top ten Velour Lashes will choose the final three winners who will win their own Velour Lashes. You can enter as many times as you like though i'm just going to enter twice. Here is my first look. To vote for my look or to check out the other contest entries here is the link.
Products Used:

  • The Porefessional by Benifit
  • Urban Decay Urban Defense in Halo
  • Hard Candy Welcome Matte
  • NYX Make Up Artist Kit (1 contour, 2 apples of the cheek, 3 temple)
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk
  • 1st Edition 120 Eye Shadow Palette 
    • Top Palette: 1-inner half of lid
    • Bottom Palette: 2- outer half of the lid & lower lash line, 3- crease & lower lash line, 4- brow bone highlight
  • NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Black
  • LA Splash Liquid Eye Liner in Charcoal
  • Physicians Formula Black Eye Liner
  • The Falsies by Maybelline
  • Ardell 124 Black Lashes
  • NYX Lip liner Pencil 835 Pinky
  • NYX Lipstick in 635 Louisiana