Saturday, December 17, 2011

EPIC Swatchapalooza: 66 Color Lip Palette Part 4

Row Three

Better late than never i suppose. I liked the feeling of this row better than the last. The previous two rows felt extremely glossy while this row feels closer to how a standard lipstick feels.

Nail Art: Snakeskin/Ink Blot

Sorry i have been missing for so long. The bright side is that though while i have not been posting like i should, i have kept up with swatching and taking pictures. Now i just get to play catch up.

After seeing this tutorial from Brittney W on Beautylish i had to try this simple manicure for myself. While it didnt really turn out like Brittney's i still really liked it. Brittney referred to her design as snakeskin and i feel like mine came out looking more like an ink blot. In any case i do like how it turned out and how simple the manicure was. Be sure to check out her video and try it for yourself.

EPIC Swatchapalooza: 66 Color Lip Palette Part 5

Row 4

This row was similar to the last row in that it felt more like a lipstick than a gloss. I do like the colors in this row better. Well, apart from pumpkin orange shade towards the end of the row. While i was excited to give it a try since i had never worn anything close to that shade before it did not work for me at all.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nail Art: Newsprint Nails

I have been seeing this style not only all over the internet but also as my family members find it they show me. First was my sister then my dad. On a side note it was strange for my dad to show me some really cool nail art but i had to love the fact that he was taking an interest in the things that i love to do. Way to be a good parent. :) Anyway, back to the nails. Even though i loved the look i thought it would be way to time consuming. I figured it was cute but more trouble than i felt like dealing with. I was willing to let this trend pass me by all together and would have if not for my friend McKenna inviting me over for a nail night.

EPIC Swatchapalooza: 66 Color Lip Palette Part 3

Row Two
Cant help but think pink with this row, though i imagine i will be thinking that a lot as i do more swatches. While i do like some of the colors in this row i found that several of them are so sheer on the lip that they end up looking exactly the same.

EPIC Swatchapalooza: 66 Color Lip Palette Part 2

Row One

The thing that really makes this row unique is the glitter. Normally i'm a fan of the sparkle but not so much in this case. The glitter is way to gritty to be wearable. On the other hand, and you can call me crazy for this one, i do really like the white and the gold in this row. I doubt i'll be wearing them alone out in public but i do like having the nontraditional colors for my out of the norm looks.

EPIC Swatchapalooza: 66 Color Lip Palette Part 1

Here is the first part of my swatchapalooza for the 66 Color Lip Palette. For this part i'm just posting arm swatches though on the lip swatches are on their way. Being only about half way through the swatching process i can say that i am not loving this palette as much as i thought i would. It has been rather hit or miss (mostly miss). Like i said though i am only about halfway through so maybe my mind will change after testing the rest of the colors. In any case i'll post a proper review of this palette with the last round of swatches. For this part i'll post all the swatches and for the on the lip swatches i'm going to post a row at a time. I want to post them as soon as possible with out killing my lips. Enjoy.