Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nail Art: Newsprint Nails

I have been seeing this style not only all over the internet but also as my family members find it they show me. First was my sister then my dad. On a side note it was strange for my dad to show me some really cool nail art but i had to love the fact that he was taking an interest in the things that i love to do. Way to be a good parent. :) Anyway, back to the nails. Even though i loved the look i thought it would be way to time consuming. I figured it was cute but more trouble than i felt like dealing with. I was willing to let this trend pass me by all together and would have if not for my friend McKenna inviting me over for a nail night.
She had recently discovered the trend herself and was a lot more excited about it than i was. I'll have to thank her for the invite because this manicure is one of the easiest and cutest once i have ever done. Seriously, if you can paint your nails you can do this manicure. It is that easy. So easy i'll include a how to.

Step One: Apply a base coat.
Step Two: Apply nail polish of choice and allow nails to dry completely.
Step Three:  Dip nail in rubbing alcohol and place a strip of news paper over the nail. Press onto the nail for 10-15 seconds.
Step Four: Remove the paper. If you like the result go on to Step Five, if not just rub the ink off and repeat Step Three.
Step Five: Apply a top coat and you're done.

For this look i decided to do use the newsprint technique for two nails. On those i used Shay from Zoya and for the rest of my nails i used Noel from Zoya. In my opinion this technique works best when you use a lighter shade though it does work on darker shades too. Dont go trying this over black or anything but McKenna did her nails with a light pink and mid tone gray from Essie with the print over each nail and it ended up looking rather cute. I wish i had some good pictures of her nails but my camera decided to die before i could take any.

Hope you liked this. Let me know how it turns out if you decide to try it. :)

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