Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nails of the Day: Jigglypuff Nails

This is actually a nail look i did about a million years ago when i first began dabbling in nail art. I'm still proud of it though as it was the first look of mine that someone thought was worth emulating. If you cant tell by my blog name i'm a bit of a geek. This look was inspired by my desire to combine my love of all things nerdy and my funky sense of fashion. From that came the idea of Jigglypuff nails. I painted an image of the pink Pokemon herself onto my thumb nails and for the rest of my fingers i used her color scheme and appearance as inspiration.

Tip of the Day

    Eye shadow primer is a must to make your shadow stay all day without creasing or smudging. Also, a good primer will also make your colors more vibrant. My favorite primer so far is L'Oreal De-crease which can be purchased at just about any drug store for around $8.00.
     If you don't have an eye shadow primer and don't feel like purchasing one you can use a small amount of foundation in its place. Just be sure to set it with a translucent powder before applying your eyeshadow. I used to use a little bit of NYC Cover Stick Concealer in Light. To set it i would just use whatever face powder i was using at the time.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous in Nautical

I've sort of grown out of my obsession with felt tipped eyeliners. I think E.L.F. Cosmetics kinda ruined them for me when i purchased three felt tipped liners from them in black, blue and purple. All the colors looked almost exactly alike and mine dried out super fast. i'm hoping i got a bad batch but i'm still not willing to try again. Well despite the color and drying out i did like how they applied so easily so when i found the Hard Candy liner i decided to give it a shot. At only $5.00 it wouldn't kill me even if it was a bust.

Hard Candy Welcome Matte

First of all i have to say i love the name of this product. I love when companies use a play on words in the name of their products.

Walmart Mini Haul

So the other day was a pretty good day for me. My boyfriend had given me $50 for an early birthday present and i thought what better way to use it than on make up. Normally i’m more of an online shopper what with your shopping cart open in one tab and swatches and reviews in another, its hard to beat in my opinion. Also with another shipment of makeup (Urban Decay haul coming soon) in snail mail limbo i decided to hit up the store instead.
Tax and all i spent about $35 on makeup. Not bad for all i got especially seeing as i either love the products to death or can see myself using them on a daily basis.