Monday, September 26, 2011

Hard Candy Welcome Matte

First of all i have to say i love the name of this product. I love when companies use a play on words in the name of their products.

What Hard Candy had to say:
       "Roll out the Welcome Matte - and foundation will stay all day. A micro-pigmented pressed powder that eliminates unwanted shine, evens the skin, and sets foundation for all day wear. Micronized pigments "float" on the skin to even out skin tone. Mirror and sponge included."

What I have to say:
        So i'm not going to lie, i have terribly oily skin. Up till now i had been using a powder foundation that was meant for oil control and it wasn't really working for me. When i put it on my face looked super powdery and by the end of the work day my face was shiny as ever. That wouldn't be the end of the world to me if i could take a moment to reapply but my job doesn't really leave me with much time for make up touch ups. I needed a product that could keep my oily skin in check for the whole day and i'm crazy excited to have found it.
       For $8.00 you get 0.27oz of product. Thats a little more than i have been paying for a little less product than i've been getting but i think its worth it. I like how not a lot of loose powder is created when using this product. With my last pressed powder so much loose powder was formed that a huge mess was made every time i used it. My only problem i had with this product was picking up the powder with the sponge that was provided. I'm not to worried about that as i usually use make up brushes over sponges anyway.

     One of my biggest complaints about Hard Candy Cosmetics does not come from the products but rather the packaging. I was almost turned off from the brand completely when i had to throw out 3 mascara tubes broke long before they were used up or even to old to use. Thankfully, it is not the same story with Welcome Matte. The compact feels rather sturdy and is quite easy to open. The make up pan is on top and flips back to reveal a mirror and a place to store the provided make up sponge. While i'm not a fan of make up sponges i do like when products are packages in a way that stores the make up separately from the sponge. 

     Overall, in case you couldn't tell i'm a big fan of this product. Definitely worth buying again in the future.

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