Monday, September 26, 2011

Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous in Nautical

I've sort of grown out of my obsession with felt tipped eyeliners. I think E.L.F. Cosmetics kinda ruined them for me when i purchased three felt tipped liners from them in black, blue and purple. All the colors looked almost exactly alike and mine dried out super fast. i'm hoping i got a bad batch but i'm still not willing to try again. Well despite the color and drying out i did like how they applied so easily so when i found the Hard Candy liner i decided to give it a shot. At only $5.00 it wouldn't kill me even if it was a bust.

The liner comes in three different colors:
  • Little Black Dress (black)- I wanted to purchase this one but every time i looked it was sold out.
  • Storm (purple)- This color was in stock. It was actually the first color i went for but i remembered i have so many purple eyeliners in my collection already. It was time to try something new.
  • Nautical (blue)- This liner is a bright aqua color. While this was really my last choice i'm happy i got it. I really needed to try something out of the norm for me.
Left-normal swatch, right-smudged out, both are brighter in person

I was really excited when i swatched this liner on my hand. It was bright and pigmented. It dried very   quickly leaving little time for blending or smudging. Not that i figured it would work very well with an eyeliner pen but no harm in trying right? It is a little odd though because as beautiful as the color was on my hand it seemed a little washed out in comparison when i actually applied it to my eye. I still like it but instead of being bold and dramatic like i was expecting it was more like a soft pop of color. So i'm still on the hunt for an eyeliner pen that has a bolder look but this is still a nice wearable eyeliner. Definitely something i can see myself wearing on a day to day basis or at least when i want something besides black without going to over the top.

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