Monday, September 26, 2011

Walmart Mini Haul

So the other day was a pretty good day for me. My boyfriend had given me $50 for an early birthday present and i thought what better way to use it than on make up. Normally i’m more of an online shopper what with your shopping cart open in one tab and swatches and reviews in another, its hard to beat in my opinion. Also with another shipment of makeup (Urban Decay haul coming soon) in snail mail limbo i decided to hit up the store instead.
Tax and all i spent about $35 on makeup. Not bad for all i got especially seeing as i either love the products to death or can see myself using them on a daily basis.

Here’s what i got (prices before tax):
Product reviews and swatches are on their way. Hopefully i’ll get them up tonight after work but if not tomorrow for sure.

Now just for giggles here is a picture of my cat Simon. He fell asleep behind my little photo studio area. Enjoy!

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