Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ulta Haul

For those of you who follow my blog you have probably notice that i have missed a few posts. Unfortunately with the way work has been going life has been a bit on the hectic side...and that is putting it lightly. I'm thinking of taking the next two weeks off as far as my blog goes. I'd like to try and post random blogs over the next two weeks but i wont start blogging consistently again until the beginning of March. When i come back i will continue my current series as well as post a video on my whole make up collection as well as some storage ideas. Until then i'll leave you with my long overdue Ulta Haul. Enjoy :)
NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil
Colors: Auburn and Light Brown
Size: 0.009oz/0.25g
Price: $4.99

Since i was shopping online and couldn't see the product in real life i decided to get two shades to be sure i would get one that would work for me. There isn't much difference between the two. Auburn is just slightly redder than light brown.

NYX Lip Liner Pencil
Colors: Prune, Pinky, Bloom, Peekaboo Neutral
Size: 0.04oz/1g
Price: $3.49

While i love the color payoff of these liners they are a bit drying. When using these i would start off with a lip primer or moisturizer.

NYX Round Case Lipstick
Colors: Narcissus, Chaos, Eros, and Louisiana
Size: 0.14oz/4g
Price: $3.99

Like the lip liners these lipsticks are also on the drying side. At least the color pay off is nice. Speaking of color make sure to check out swatches of any product you are thinking of buying online. While Louisiana is my favorite of the four based on Ulta's pictures i thought i was getting a completely different shade.
NYX Powder Blush
Color: Peach
Size: 0.18oz/5.2g
Price: $5.99

I really like this blush. It has great pigmentation. It was actually more pigmented than i thought it would be. The first time i used it i was WAY to heavy handed with it. Anyways, when used properly this is a very nice and natural blush. My only problem so far was with the packaging after having this blush for just a few weeks the lid broke off.
NYX Powder Glitter
Colors: Purple, Apple,  Hot Pink, Gold
Size: 0.09fl oz/5ml
Price: $2.99

These glitters are amazing. They are so pretty and the texture is a lot finer than i expected. Apple, Hot Pink and Purple while being predominantly red gold, pink and purple respectively all have a blue and green sparkle to them as well. The gold glitter actually makes me think of Fool's Gold. The texture is quite fine. It is still a little gritty as i expected but i don't think that it cause problems when applied to the eye.
LA Splash Splash Proof Sealer 
Size: 0.3fl oz/9ml
Price: $6.49

I bought this product to use as a base for the glitter. I haven't used it on the eye yet, just for swatching but i think it works well so far. It goes on clear and is sticky enough to make a good base for the glitter without being uncomfortable.

LA Splash Liquid Eyeliner 
Color: Charcoal
Size: 0.3fl oz/9ml

Though i thought i was buying another black eyeliner i'm actually ok with the charcoal shade. It is quite pigmented and so easy to apply. I think that is because of the long handled applicator. It dries so quickly that it is perfect for the morning rush.

Ardell Fashion Lashes
Styles: 120 Demi Black, 124 Black
Price: $3.99

These lashes are amazing. They are perfect for someone who is new to applying false lashes. I am terrible at applying them and these went so easily. The 124 Black lashes are the perfect everyday lashes while the 120 Demi Black lashes are better for a night out.

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