Saturday, February 4, 2012

Swatchapalooza Saturday: ELF Get the Look Kits

Awhile back i purchased three Get the Look Kits from ELF. The appeal of this brand is the price of the products. Single items range in price from $1-$7. Sounds to good to be true and normally it is but they do have several products that are more than worth the money you'll pay for them. Each Get the Look Kit is $7 and with that you will get three eye shadows, and eyeliner, mascara, an eye shadow brush, two sponge tip applicators and a pair of false lashes with glue. The best part of these kits are by far the eye shadows. I was skeptical at first but blown away when i swatched them. Each kit included the same set of false lashes and eye shadow brush though the eyeliner and mascara colors varied from kit to kit.

I really like these lashes. They are a little to long for a natural look but natural isn't really my thing so they work for me. I don't wear false lashes often so i thought i would run into trouble trying to apply these but it was so much easier than i thought it would be. As nice as the lashes are the glue isn't. While these lashes would be perfect for someone new to false lashes the glue is no good. When i wore these i spent half the day feeling like the lashes were coming off. I would recommend using a different glue.
Eye Shadow Brush
While i didn't expect much from a $1 brush i am happy with it and continue to use it to this day. Though there is some fallout this isn't a bad brush for the price. 

 Both the Dramatic Eyes and Purple Perfection Kits included a black mascara (top) while the Basic Browns Kit had a brown mascara (bottom). These mascaras are definitely not the selling point for these kits. Though they are called Length and Defining Mascaras they didn't really do much for the appearance of my lashes and felt kind of cheap and plastic-y.

Eye Shadows and Eye Liner
As i said before the eye shadows are by far the best part of these kits. Though there is a little fallout these shadows are soft and so much more pigmented than i thought they would be. On top of that they all blend incredibly easily.
Each swatch was done with my finger onto the back of my hand with no primer.

Basic Browns
This set has a cream, light brown and dark brown shadow and a brown eyeliner. This set is perfect for an everyday neutral look. I love the shadows but i'm not really a fan of the brown eyeliner. It doesn't last very long on the water line and i am not personally a fan of using pencil liners on my upper lash line. 
 Dramatic Eyes
This kit is perfect for a night out. Though i had the same problem with the eyeliner included, this one being black, the shadows are once again impressive. If nothing else the pigmentation of the black eye shadows is amazing for not only a $1 shadow but really for any eye shadow. The downside to this kit is that the blacks are a little to similar to each other to notice much of a difference when applied. Also, the white shadow isn't very pigmented at all.

Purple Perfection
This kit contains shadows to create a simple purple look. It is good for those who want to embrace a softer side of color. Though these colors aren't the first i would think of when going for a simple purple look they are nice and get the job done.

If nothing else these kits would be great for someone just starting to build their collection, especially if they are on a budget. Though the kits contain a few items that could use improvement the false lashes and eye shadows more than make this $7 kit worth it.

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