Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shout Out Sunday: Konad Part 2

So after getting to play with my Konad for about a week i have to say i have mixed feelings about it. So far i have used it four times. The first time was just to get a feel for the process and to see what the colors looked like when applied. After that i set out to create a proper nail look. I decided to use a bright yellow base with zebra print and stars in the Princess Pink polish. A few nails came out a little off center, and the top coat i used smudged the design a bit but overall i was happy with the nail look.
Unfortunately i didn't take pictures of that before it started to chip.
Since i didn't get pictures of that i decided to try again just so i had pictures for today. That attempt did not go well at all. I was going for a cute Valentine's Day themed manicure. Had a light pink base with hot pink lips, black hearts, and white I<3U's. So cute in theory but it was nothing but a hot mess. I got two lips on my nails and a few hearts but for everything else i tried the stamp was only picking up partial designs or smearing the designs when i applied them.
With all the trouble i decided to put it away for the night try again this morning to avoid further frustration. Today i started from scratch. I kept the light pink base but decided to use a diamond print in black instead. I applied the print all over my nails with the exception of my thumbs. The design was a little to small to fit on my thumbs so i decided to only cover the upper third of my nails. This manicure worked for the most part. Well, there are actually a lot of flaws but they are the kind that can be eliminated by practice, patience, and a top coat that wont smudge the design. Anyway, i like it so far i just need to get more practice in. Also sorry about the extra polish around my nails in the pictures. I didn't time to clean up before work.

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