Saturday, March 3, 2012

Swatchapalooza Saturday: Maybelline Color Tattoo

It has been awhile since i have been this excited over a drugstore product. This cream eye shadow is meant to be worn on its own with no primer for up to 24 hours. Despite the claim to being crease proof they aren't on me but given the long wear and color payoff i'm ok with having to apply a primer underneath. I haven't tested to see if these shadows really do last 24 hours but they have lasted up to 16 before it was time to wash off my make up. Over all i am a huge fan of these. Even the misses are still hits. Depending on where you get them they are $6 to $8 for 4grams of product. Now go enjoy some swatches.
Fierce & Tangy: This is one of my favorites. This bright tangerine color is perfect for the summer months ahead. I used this in my Yesterday's Look of the Day post.
Audacious Asphalt: This shade is a dark charcoal with silver reflects. It seems more shiny in the picture than it is in real life. It kind of reminds me of when i used to doodle and accidentally smudged a pencil drawing with my hand.  
Painted Purple: I have a love hate relationship with this color. I love love love purple so i hate that it is the worst in this collection. It cant be worn alone and is difficult to apply. If you are willing to put the effort into application Painted Purple does make a great eyeshadow base. I wore Mac's Parfait Amour over Painted Purple the other day and it really made the color pop and last.
Bad to the Bronze: I cant stop thinking of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when i think of this color and if you know what i mean you get some cool points. Anyways, back to the product. This color is a bit more golden than i expected something with the name bronze to be. In any case i love the color and it is so easy to apply. I definitely see myself reaching for this when i only have a few minutes to get ready.
Pomegranate Punk: Though this color is a bit to neutral to be called punk i love it. It is a shimmery pinky burgundy. This shade has great color payoff and is really easy to apply. This is the color i have been wearing most lately. When applied to the lid and blended out it provides a warm wash of color that makes it look like i spent more than five minutes on my make up. 
Tough as Taupe: I wasn't drawn to this shade immediately like some of the other colors but it has grown on me quite a bit. It seems to be showing up kind of cement gray in the picture though it is really a light gray with just a hint of purple. This one is great to wear alone or to use as a base for a smokey eye.
Tenacious Teal: This is a beautiful medium blue with just a hint of green and silver shimmer. This reminded me so much of Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Shadow Pencil in Clash. Clash is just a little bit brighter.
Bold Gold: This is a true gold shade. It is super opaque and easy to apply.
Edgy Emerald: I am in love with this beautiful teal shade. The name is a little misleading as this is one of the last colors i would think of when thinking of emerald.  It is a bit more shear than the others but it is really buildable.

The only color i don't have from this collection is Too Cool, a frosty white shade. I'll post pictures of that one as soon as i track it down.

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