Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elemental Series: Fire

So while attempting to come up with a theme for a series of make up looks i settled on Sailor Moon. Remember? It was a cartoon that i practically grew up on. Anyway, after deciding on a theme i set to work on a Sailor Venus inspired look. She was always my favorite. Something went wrong though. The look was to hot and fiery.  Yeah, Venus's main color was orange and her main spiel was love. Love is passion, passion is fiery. I could  have made it work but why stretch the look when i can just change the theme? So that is how i came to the elements. Like i said this look is hot.

How To:

  • Always start by applying an eye shadow primer. 
  • Apply an eye shadow base. White would have been ok for this one but i opted for gold to give my red tones a kick.
  • Pack a yellow eyeshadow on to the lid. Just the lid corner to corner and lash line to crease.
  • With an orange eye shadow trace out the shape you want then create a cut crease.
  • Apply a red eye shadow in the crease and outer corner of the eye. 
  • Now quick! Blend as though your life depended on it.
  • Add a dark brown eye shadow to the outer half of the crease and along the outer half of the lower lash line.
  • Once again blend blend blend.
  • Apply a shimmery light yellow to the inner corner and along the inner half of the lower lash line.
  • Apply a matte white to the brow bone.
  • Use a black eye liner for the water line and tight lining.
  • Prime and curl lashes before adding mascara and thats all folks.
  • Apply a lip liner.
  • Apply a red lipstick.
  • Using a dark red eye shadow fill in the outer corners of the lips. (This step is completely optional. I didnt really like the lipstick i had for this so i made it work with some eye shadow.)

Products Used

  • Foundation
    • Stila One Step Foundation in Fair
    • Hard Candy Welcome Matte
  • Blush
    • Lightest pink blush from the NYX Make Up Artist Kit
  • Contour
    • Top right face powder from the NYX Make Up Artist Kit 
  • Highlight
    • White eye shadow from the NYX Make Up Artist Kit
  • Liner
    • Hard Candy Automatic Lip Liner in Blush
  • Lipstick
    • Maybelline E190 Royal Red
    • Coastal Scents 88 Palette (Row 8, Column 9)
  • Primer
    • L'Oreal De-Crease
  • Base
    • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Gold
  • Eye Shadow
    • Yellow: Coastal Scents 88 Palette (Row 2, Column 2)
    • Orange: Stila Eye Shadow in Mimosa
    • Red: Coastal Scents 88 Palette (Row 8, Column 9)
    • Brown: Coastal Scents 88 Palette (Row 7, Column 11)
    • Inner corner highlight: Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette (Row 2, Column 2 and Row 1, Column 2) blended together
    • Brow bone highlight: Coastal Scents 88 Palette (Row 1, Column 2 and Row 3, Column 1)
  • Eye liner
    • Water line: Physicians Formula in Black
  • Lashes
    • Primer: Hard Candy 1,000 Lashes
    • Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies in Black Drama
 Thats all for my Fire Element look. Let  me know what you think :)

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