Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ebay Steal

If you frequent online beauty shops as often as i do you have probably seen the 120 Color Eye Shadow Palette or the 66 Color Lip Palette once or twice. I know i have seen the exact same palettes being sold at websites such as Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, and even Crown Brush. What a lot of companies are doing is buying these palettes and slapping their logo on top and charging the consumer extra for it. I already owned 4 of the 88 Color Eye Shadow Palettes and wasn't planning on going back for more until i realized that i could find the same palettes on ebay. Normally i'm a little hesitant to make a purchase like that on ebay. I almost bought some fake Mac eye shadow palettes once and have kind of steered clear since. But while browsing through the Beautylish forums i found someone talking about a purchase they had made from ebay. They seemed to be happy with their purchase so i decided to give ebay another shot. Besides, for the prices the seller was charging i was ok with taking the risk. I'm glad i did too. Just looking at the palettes i was blown away.
66 Color Lip Palette

This palette consists of lip glosses and lipsticks in a range of finishes from glitter to almost matte. Most of the colors are reds or pinks with a few browns and blues thrown in. Though this palette is
somewhat lacking in variety on color i do like it.

The packaging for the palette is nice. It comes in a matte black case about the size of a paper back book. It doesn't really feel cheap but i do wish it was a little sturdier. I'm kind of tough on my make up. The main drawback with the palette is that it does not include a mirror. While its a minor inconvenience when i'm doing my make up on the go i have to ask myself, "If i am doing my make up on the go why did i bring a 66 Color Lip Palette instead of a trusty go-to lipstick and gloss combo?"

1st Edition 120 Color Eye Shadow Palette
I was stunned when i opened this baby up. Some of the colors in this palette are borderline neon while the rest are just plain vibrant. I haven't had a chance to swatch all of these yet but from what i can tell so far the eye shadows are all very soft. Pigmentation can be a little hit and miss but with a primer and base that can easily be fixed. The shadows have a variety of finishes some being matte, while others are shimmer, frost or satin. Another really cool thing about this palette is the far right row of eye shadows on the top layer. These shadows are actually two different shadows speckled together. It looks really strange in the pan, especially the orange and green one, but they all look beautiful when swatched. Haha, you can tell in the close up of that row that i just couldn't wait to take pictures to swatch some of the speckled shadows.

This palette is the same size as the lip palette though it is twice as thick in order to house two layers of eye shadows.When you open the palette the two layers of eye shadows are stacked on top of each other. Using the attached ribbon to lift the upper layer you can take that layer out and place it on the open lid. It fits into that position with nothing securing it besides gravity so i'd advise being careful while holding it like that. I like how it looks with both layers on display but for me i'd rather just put whichever layer i need on top. In addition to being a little rough with my make up i'm a little on the clumsy side. Honestly i'm surprised i haven't dropped either of these yet. 

Top Layer
Top Layer Close Up

Close up of the speckled shadows. The far right one is actually orange with green specks though the green appears yellow in the photo.
Bottom Layer

Bottom Layer Close Up

Bottom Layer Close Up

Coming Soon EPIC Swatchapalooza
I do plan on swatching all of these colors for you. I'm going to break it up into sections though as swatching 186 colors on top of working 40 hours a week just sounds like a lot less sleep than i'd like to get. I'm probably just going to put up a few swatches a night till i've done them all. I'll let you know when i start swatching how i've decided to go about this.

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