Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stila from Haute Look

So a few weeks back i posted about Stila going on sale on Haute Look. I was really excited about most of the products available but i decided to keep my purchase small as i have been spending so much money on make up recently. For $26, not including shipping, i got the Sheer Tinted Moisturizer in Light, One Step Foundation in Fair, an Eye Shadow Pan in Mimosa, and a Single Eye Shadow Compact to put it in. Overall i am really happy with my purchase. It really was a steal.

Sheer Tinted Moisturizer in Light:

  • What I paid: $9
  • What you can pay: I actually couldn't find this product on Stila's website. The closest i could find was the Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer with an SPF of 20 which is $34 for 1.7 fl oz.
  • For starters the packaging on this product is rather nice. It comes in a sleek gray bottle that feels sturdy. Not so tough that i have to work to get product out but rather that i can throw it into my purse or make up bag with out fear of it busting and getting everywhere. I'm not really sure what the name for the part of the bottle that actually dispenses the make up is called but it is not flat like most of the primers or moisturizers i have. Rather it looks like the top the Sleek Pout Paints have. I'll be sure to post a picture so you know what I mean. I really like this style of bottle over the flat top ones as i tend to end up with way more product than i meant to. With this bottle i can squeeze out just a little at a time. 
As for the product itself, that is a win for me too. It does feel a little thick at first but it blends out  nicely. For a product that claims to be sheer the coverage is quite nice. I wouldn't really call it sheer but the color isn't entirely opaque so i can see how they can get away with it. Once it sets, which doesn't take all that long, it feels soft and doesn't appear oily or greasy as other moisturizers make my skin look. This product has an SPF of 30 which i love. There is nothing i hate more than when you do your make up only to ruin it by having to apply sunscreen. Unfortunately, my skin is very fair so skipping the sunscreen for the sake of temporary beauty is kind of a no no. Products with SPF anything get bonus point right off the bat in my book. Scent wise is does kind of smell like a sunscreen but the scent is so subtle i might not have noticed had i not tried to sniff it.

 One Step Foundation in Light:

  • What I paid: $9
  • What you can pay: While this product originally sold for $44 it is now on Last Call for $14.99 through Stila's website. 
  • This product comes in a cylinder shaped bottle with a clear widow where the name of the product it printed. I made my purchase online so this didn't really help me but should you go to a store in person i find it is really nice to be able to see the color of the product at least if there isn't a tester available for swatching. The foundation comes with a pump top which i love. With the pump top it is easier to get just the right amount of product. Like i said before i always end up with to much make up. Maybe i just fail but i really don't think it is that hard to end up with to much when using a squeeze tube or even worse having to pour it straight from the bottle.
I love love love this foundation. I wont lie, I  am kind of new to the world of liquid or cream foundations. Up until recently i was a strictly powder foundation kind of girl as all the liquid foundations i had tried in the past felt super heavy and caked on to my skin. It is super light weight and has amazing coverage despite using only small amount of product. I lucked out in picking the right shade. I had been trying to decide between two different shades. I almost bought both simply out of fear that i would pick the wrong one and up up with something unusable. Light was the perfect shade for my skin tone though. It covers any imperfections while leaving my face looking natural. 

 Eye Shadow Pan in Mimosa:

  • What I paid: $7
  • What you can pay: Here is another one i couldn't find on the website. I feel like the sale consisted mainly of Last Call items which are no longer available. There are a few other eye shadow pans on Last Call for $9, originally $18.
  • The product came in just the pan so i went ahead and purchased a container for it. I only spent a dollar on the container but i wish i would have got around to buying an empty make up palette instead. My eye shadows are getting a bit out of hand. Something like the Z Palette or Uni Palette would be amazing for my collection, but that is another blog post all together.
Right off the bat i love this eye shadow. I really just bought it for giggles but i am so glad that i did. Mimosa is a sparkly bright orange. It is totally unique in my collection which is hard to do. While being over the top sparkly in the pan this super soft eye shadow isn't nearly as sparkly when swatched. It is rather pigmented though not quite as opaque as i would like but applying a base first is a sure fix for that. 
 I'm not to happy about the swatch on the left. When swatching eye shadows i usually just use my finger to swipe the color onto my hand with no base or primer. That is what i did for the picture on the left and the shadow ended up looking really patchy and powdery. I'm relieved though as when i swatched it on my hand that had the One Step Foundation on it the color was a lot more opaque and just all around nicer looking.

Once again i am a happy customer. The only thing that bothers me is that i either cant find these products on Stila's website or they are on Last Call. I would buy these products again if i could. I may just stock up on the One Step Foundation just because i am that in love with the product. Hope this was helpful, if nothing else you can take it as proof that the brand is worth checking out. 

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