Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nail Art: Abstract Art

This is one of my favorite nail art sets i have done. Now you can try it too. I wont be listing the products i used. In part that is because I dont want to make anyone feel like they cant achieve this look without using the exact same polishes...Also, i painted this set a long time ago and cant quite remember the polishes i used. XD

  • Apply a white for a base
  • Using a striper brush make random crisscrossing lines over the nail with a black polish.
  • Use a dotting tool and a blue nail polish fill in one section per nail. Repeat this with a red and yellow polish.
  • Apply a top coat and you are done.
Now wasn't that easy? Like i said before you dont have to use the same nail polishes i did to achieve this look. You dont even have to use the same colors. I just used the blue, red, and yellow because it made me think of a crooked version of Piet Mondrian's Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red. This would look just as cool with different colors. I'm thinking of trying it out with neon colors next time.

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