Saturday, November 19, 2011

Deal of the Day: 10 Dollar Mall

So this deal doesn't have anything to do with make up but as it falls under the category of fashion i figured i would included it on my blog. Well, that and it is such an amazing deal that i just had to share it. is just what it sounds like. It is an online clothing store where everything is either $10 or less. And, believe it or not it is not a scam. On the website's forum, chat feature, facebook and even when googled people all over the internet were asking questions like "Is this a scam?" or "Is this site for real?" I'm glad to say it is. Despite great reviews online i made my first purchase small just to be on the safe side.

Here is what i got:

Overlapping Pink Shirt
Lilac Colored Top
Dark Denim Boot Cut Jeans

Black Tailored Top Sweater

Teal Short Sweater

I know that i have said before that i like shopping online but that is strictly make up. I need to see and feel and try on clothing before i commit. That's why despite's amazing return policy i was still a little hesitant. In the end i am glad i decided to go for it. While some of the shirts were a little on the small side, nothing unwearable just tight, the jacket and jeans fit like a dream. Those were the two i was really worried about as the jacket was sold out of my size so i had to get a smaller one and i really dont like buying jeans online. How about some of the little details now?

Return Policy
  • has an amazing return policy. It's i little on the long side so i'll include a link to it but the overall point is that you have 365 days to return any unwanted items. You can return an item for any reason so long as the tags are still on it and it hasnt been washed or worn. Each order comes with a return slip just in case. It is a pretty standard return policy apart from the 365 day deal.

Rewards Program
  • Like many sites these days has a reward policy for its users. Depending on how many points you have accumulated you will save 3%-15% on all future purchases in addition to getting a free gift every time you move up a level.
    • Level One(200 Points)- 3% off and a free gift
    • Level Two(1,000 Points)- 5% off and a free gift
    • Level Three(3,000 Points)- 7% off and a free gift
    • Level Four(10,000 Points)-10% off and a free gift
    • Level Five(50,000 Points)- 15% off and a free gift
  • You dont have to do anything to use your rewards. Once you qualify for them they will automatically be applied to the prices when you next login. You can get a maximum of 31 points per day by logging in, reviewing products, and talking on the forums. You will also get 3 points for every $10 you spend. Overall i like the program simply because the discount is a permanent one. Though i do feel like after earning 50,000 points you deserve more than 15% off but i havent seen what the free gifts are so maybe they make it worth it.
  • My order shipped surprisingly fast. I ordered it on 11/4 and it was delivered on 11/8. Shipping is also fairly cheap though
    • Standard Shipping: takes 7-14 Business Days for $2.99
    • Expedited Shipping: take 3-5 Business Days for $4.99
    • Express Shipping: takes 1-3 Business Days for $5.99
I really liked this site and plan on doing some of my christmas shopping there as well as picking up more things for myself in the future. Have fun shopping.

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