Sunday, October 16, 2011

Swatchapalooza: Urban Decay Cream Eye Shadows

Here are the swatches for the Urban Decay cream eye shadows. In each swatch i did a single swipe of color then another swipe which i blended out with my finger.  Enjoy :)

 Asphalt- Black with multi-colored glitter. I'm not a big fan as the color is rather patchy.

 Rehab- shimmery brown

Suburbia- metallic gold. I love this color.
 Midnight Rodeo- Light tan with loads of shimmer. When blended out on me you cant see any color just the shimmer. That's why i love this for my day to day make up.

Moonshine- shimmery white

 Radium- Metallic blue

Sphynx- shimmery pink. This instantly made me think of princesses.

Weeds- Olive green with a gold shimmer

Grass- Metallic emerald green. Love the first swatch but not so much when i tried blending it out.

Now i have heard from several different sources that while these shadows swatch beautifully its another story when applied to the eye. I have yet to try all of the colors on my eyes but i've had no problems so far. I'll update this post once i have tried all of them out and i may even put up some on the eye swatches.

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