Sunday, October 9, 2011

Deal of the Day

The Place:  Eyeko London
The Deal: Use the Code E17935 on purchases over $20 and you'll receive a free gift. This deal can not be combined with any other discounts or promotion codes.

It has actually been awhile since i checked out Eyeko's website and i was really sorry to see all of my favorites gone. Now they have a more professional look to the brand featuring what seems to be little more than mascara and eyeliner with more to come in the future. While i cant say i've tried the newer products personally i'm sure they are worth checking out as Eyeko has yet to disappoint. As for the older products while they can no longer be found on the site Eyeko has a Vintage Surprise Gift Set for $16. This set contains 3 vintage Eyeko items: a bottle of nail polish, a fat lip balm and one more surprise. For me that would be a must have for sure though i'd still like to check out the new stuff.

Have Fun Shopping :)

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