Monday, October 17, 2011

NYX Haul

Here is another one of my Haute Look purchases. Have i mentioned how addicted to this site i am? It is kinda bad but more often than not the deals on the make up are amazing. For someone trying to expand their collection without braking the bank it is nice to have around. They also do sales besides beauty products such as men's apparel, women's apparel, children's apparel, home decor, and they even have deals on vacations on their website. You should check it out, i'll even give you a link to make it easier. :)

Now back to my original point. NYX Cosmetics went on sale and though i hadn't tried the brand yet i was really wanting to. I spent $41.50 on this purchase to get the Make Up Artist Kit for $18 (reg. $30), a set of 6 Jumbo Eye Pencils for $16 (reg. $27), and the Bring Along Sharpener and Blotting Paper Set for $7.50 (reg. 12.50).

I have to say i am incredibly happy with my purchase. One of the eye shadows in the kit i purchased was broken before it even got to me but it can be fixed. I have used this pallet on almost a daily basis. The colors are very soft and pigmented. It seems like they were made for blending as with other shadows blending can be such a chore with these its effortless. The face powders are nice too. I've been using the light pink blush and i love it. You really have to build up the color which works for me as i tend to have a heavy hand when applying blush anyway. I haven't tried the lip colors yet but i'll update here when i have. Also, i have yet to swatch this palette but i'll get that up in the next few days and post the link here.

I love love love the Jumbo Eye Pencils. Milk, though is wasn't included in the set have been my favorite so far. These pencils are perfect to use as an eye shadow base. Say, for example, you have an eye shadow that is beautiful in the pan but on the eye it is rather lacking. You can use either Milk or a similar colored eye shadow pencil on the lid then pack the color on top of it to really make the color pop. i would recommend  that when using this product you always wear an eye shadow primer and set it with a powder eye shadow. If not you are just asking for creases.
Here are the colors i have:
  • Black Bean 601
  • Baby Blue 606
  • Cottage Cheese 608
  • Gold 612
  • Lime 613
  • Purple 618
  • Milk 604 (this wasn't actually included in the set but i'm reviewing/swatching it with the set anyway)
Once again i am going to put the swatches in another post i'll add the link as soon as i get it up.

Finally i also got the Bring Along Sharpener and Blotting Paper Set. I'm not going to lie, i mostly just got this set because i needed a sharpener for the Jumbo Eye Pencils and i had heard of some people running into problems when using a sharpener besides the NYX one. I do really love the bag that everything came in. I was really in need of a make up bag to go in my purse and this bag is perfect for that. I also used it yesterday to take nail polish's to my friends house to do her paint splatter nails. So much easier than carrying my huge nail polish kit or just throwing them in my purse and losing them to the black hole that is in there.

After finally getting to take this brand for a test run i am in love. I am certain i will be making more purchases in the future and i know i'll be keeping a look out for the next time NYX is on sale on Haute Look.

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