Thursday, October 20, 2011

ELF Nail Polish Trios

French Manicure Pink ($3)
This set comes with clear, pink and white nail polish as well as stickers to use as a stencil for a french tip.

 Pink-This color is a very light shimmery pink. I did three coats of the color to get it opaque as possible for the photo but if you're going for a french manicure like the set is designed for one coat will do the trick.
White- This one is a creamy white color. I applied three coats for this picture. It was mostly opaque after two but it was rather streaky and patchy in spots so i opted for a third coat.

I used the clear nail polish included in this set as a top coat for all of the ELF Nail Polish swatches.

The Red Trio ($3)
This set comes with three different red nail polishes a light red, medium red and dark red.

Light Red-This red is a bit darker than shown in the picture. Took two coats to get this color opaque.

 Medium Red- I was a little disappointed in this shade and the light red. While they look different in the pictures in real life the colors are terribly similar. If you look hard enough you can tell that Medium Red is slightly darker but i was showing the colors of to a coworker and she thought they were the same color. This one wasn't quite opaque after three coats but i hate applying more than that so i just left it as it was.

Dark Red-This one also seems lighter in the picture but its actually a dark berry red. This one is my favorite out of the bunch. This color was opaque after three coats.

I applied these the night before last using Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle as a bade coat and the clear ELF polish as a top coat. The polishes have held up rather well given how hard i am on my nails at work. The polish has worn away just a little on the tips. I noticed cause i was being picky but i honestly doubt anyone else would unless they were staring at your nails.

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