Saturday, January 28, 2012

Swatchapalooza Saturday: Sally Hansen Nail Polish

It seems to me that in my nail polish collection the number of Sally Hansen polishes i own outnumber the amount of any other brand by far. I think this is because the brand's quality and price meet in a way that don't make me feel bad for splurging on nail polish while not making me feel like i just wasted my money on bad polish. More often than not it only takes one to two coats for the polish to be opaque and streak free. The only polishes that i have had trouble with were the glitter polishes. Though glitter polishes and i don't tend to get along very well for starters. Anyways, enough of my rambling. I own 23 polishes from Sally Hansen and below are pictures of each polish. Enjoy.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails
From left to right: Ice, White Tip, 620 Limestone, 680 Frozen Solid, 840 Ice Queen
Ice: Super Shimmery peachy pink. It is not a very opaque polish but i don't think it was meant to be.
White Tip: Glossy white. This one takes about 3 coats to be opaque and streak free.
620 Limestone: Creamy grass green. I love this green. It is opaque in two coats and is very unique to my collection.
680 Frozen Solid: Shimmery icy blue.
840 Ice Queen: Glitter polish with small silver glitter with blue and lavender hexagon shaped glitter. Took about 3 coats to get that much glitter on the nail. As cool as this on looks it is a bit more trouble than it is worth.
Sally Hansen HD
02 BLU: Muted shimmery royal blue. As pretty as this one is in the bottle it is not quite as impressive on the nail. Takes two to three coats to be opaque and looks a bit softer than it does in the bottle. 
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength
From left to right: Fuchsia Bling Bling, 94 Black Diamond
Fuchsia Bling Bling: Dark rosy pink. This polish is opaque and streak free in one to two coats. Perfect pink for a feminine manicure that isn't over the top girly. 
94 Black Diamond: Black with silver glitter. This polish need at least two coats to be opaque. One coat leave it looking more charcoal than black. 
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear
From left to right: 07 Cherry Red, 17 Ivy League, 22 Gunmetal, 40 Purple Pizzazz
07 Cherry Red: This is the perfect red in my book. Not to light or to dark nor is it orange or berry toned.
17 Ivy League: Light grassy green with gold shimmer. This is the perfect polish for spring.
22 Gunmetal: Blue toned metallic dark gray. Though it takes some work to be streak free this polish is opaque after one coat.
40 Purple Pizzazz: Very blue purple with light purple glitter. This one takes three coats to be opaque but i bet it would look amazing over a black polish.

From left to right: 140 Rockstar Pink, 150 Sun Kissed, 220 Celeb City
140 Rockstar Pink: Glitter polish with pink, red, blue and silver glitter. While this polish doesn't put up to much fuss when being applied over a false nail when i tried it on my own nails it did not work at all. Rather, to apply the needed amount of polish for it to be opaque on my nails was just to much for it to be worth it. So disappointing as this polish looks amazing on the false nail. 
150 Sun Kissed: True orange. I cant think of anything besides oranges when i look at this polish. It is really creamy and is opaque in one to two coats.
220 Celeb City: Shimmery silver. I love this polish. It needs two coats to be opaque but after that it looks like i'm wearing tin foil on my the good fashion-y way.

From left to right: 290 Crushed, 300 White On, 320 Fuchsia Power, 340 Mint Sorbet
290 Crushed: Red/orange with a gold/orange shimmer. This polish i beautiful. When paired with a black crackle polish i swear it looks volcanic.
300 White On: Creamy white. This is my favorite white nail polish. Seriously i'm on my third bottle. This white is actually opaque in one to two coats and is not dull or flat like other whites i have seen.
320 Fuchsia Power: Bright rosy pink. This polish is just a few shades lighter than Fuchsia Bling Bling and just as opaque.
340 Mint Sorbet: Creamy minty green. This polish is opaque in one to two coats.

From left to right: 370 Black Out, 410 Pink Boa, 450 Caribbean Coral
370 Black Out: Black. This black is opaque in one coat which is why i love it. It was the first black polish i ever used that didn't look watery or like charcoal until coat three.
410 Pink Boa: Bright shimmery pink.This one takes about two coats to be opaque.
450 Caribbean Coral: Creamy reddish coral. This polish is opaque in one to two coats. Since this polish is new to my collection i haven't worn it yet but i'm really excited to use this this summer. If i remember correctly coral is supposed to be a really big color this year. 
Sally Hansen Crackle

08 Ink Splatter: I was actually really impressed by this polish. As much as as i liked the other Sally Hansen polishes i didn't think a drug store crackle polish could compare to my China Glaze polishes. Thankfully i was wrong. I do like how this polish crackles and with the range of colors available i don't knot why i don't have more yet.

Well that does it for my Swatchapalooza/review of all of my Sally Hansen nail polishes. Bonus point for you if you stuck with  me through the whole thing.

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