Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shout Out Sunday: DIY Nail Polish Rack

While my nail polish collection is still manageable i've been looking for a cheap way to display it. Up until now i have been keeping them in a bag. Didnt take much space and it was out of the way but having to dig through it to find the right polish was so annoying. When browsing the forums on Beaultylish i found this tutorial by nguerriero19 for a really cute do it yourself nail polish wall rack. This shelf is so easy to make and it is super cheap.

Here is my shelf. I have to say that i was a lot sturdier than i expected it to be. The only thing i did different than in the tutorial was adding way more glue to mine. I don't know how she did it in the video but i couldn't move fast enough. Often by the time i had applied glue to the entire piece the first half was almost dry to the point of not being sticky. To fix this i just added an extra line of glue where each wall meets.
Overall i really think this is a worthwhile way to spend a couple hours. Not only did i enjoy making it but i love love love the final product. if you decide to give it a shot let me know how yours turns out. Or you can leave nguerriero19 a picture or video response with your shelf.

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  1. So I have just sat through the 14 minute video and I'm so glad I did! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be attempting this myself. :)