Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shout Out Sunday: Konad Nail Art

I'm sure by now most of you have either heard about or seen Konad nail stamping art. This post is mostly for those who haven't. After months of debating on getting this i finally did. Though i am still waiting on a few polishes and the stamp i have already received two polishes and the 21 piece set of Bundle Monster image plates.

Konad Nail Stamping Art:
I've been really excited about Konad ever since i first heard of it. It has the potential to make amazing intricate nail art insanely easy. The idea is that you apply the special polish to an image plate and scrape away the extra polish. Next using the stamping tool pick up the polish from the image plate and press it on the the nail. 

Special Polish:
While you can use regular nail polish it doesn't tend to have the same results. That is why they make a special polish that is designed just for use with the Konad.


Bundle Monster image plates:
I feel like i should say these plates are a lot smaller than i expected them to be. While the plate itself is not much smaller than the Konad plates the images are definitely smaller. On the Bundle Monster plates the "full nail" images aren't quite that. While they should fit fine over my nails fine i don't think that it will cover my entire thumb nail. That i can get past that though because out of all the plates there are enough images to match a full nail image to a single image. You can see to the left how the single star matches the stars on the full nail image.
There are also plates like these that allow for an intricate tip rather than a full nail design.

Like i said before i am still waiting on the rest of my polishes and the stamp. I know how this works in theory i'll let you know next week how it actually worked out.

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